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History of African Jewelry

History of African Jewelry

History of African Jewelry
African Jewelry
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  Hand Carved Swordfish 51"
  Hand Carved Swordfish 38"
  Hand Carved Statue Acrobats
  Hear No Evil See No Evil
  Statue Men Climbing Tree
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  Sculpture Two Women
  Sculpture Woman Water
  Sculpture Woman Carrying Pot
  Sculpture Wares For Sale
  Sculpture Woman Crossed Legs
  Sculpture Woman with Pot
  Sculpture Dog Biting Man
  Sculpture Man Climbing Tree
  Sculpture Man Climbing (Black)
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  African Art Masks The Thinker
  African Art Carved Devils Mask
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  African Art Carved Chairs 47"
  African Art Elephant Table 24"
  African Art Elephant Table 18"
  African Art Hand Carved Chest
  African Art Drum Stool Table
  African Art Carved Walking Stick
History of African Jewelry

History of African Jewelry

African jewelry dates back thousands of years and the oldest jewelry known is some shell beads discovered in a cave in South Africa believed to be about 75,000 years.

Tribal African Jewelry was made from natural materials such as ivory, amber, bone, wood, shells, metal, hair and stone. These various materials were fashioned into necklaces, waist chains, bracelets, ankle chains and head adornments.

Tribal jewelry in West Africa was traditionally used to tell a story. Depending on the culture and times, jewelry has been appreciated as a status symbol or designated as a cultural affiliation. Anklets were used for ritual dances, beaded belts or waist chains were used at wedding ceremonies and cowrie shells have even been used as a form of money.

Today as in the past, African Jewelry is used to enhance personal beauty and at the same time displays the artistry of African craftsmen.


History of African Jewelry
African Art and Jewelry
History of African Jewelry
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